گردو سیترونو

Walnut kernels have been playing an important role in humanity’s diet for thousands of years. Walnut is a single-seeded fruit grown from the walnut tree and is a beneficial source of fat, fibre and protein. The fruit is found in the Northeast of North America, and is now grown in China, Iran, and the United States, as well as in California and Arizona.
Walnuts are high in omega-3 fats and antioxidants compared to other nutrients. This nut is known as the king of nuts with its many benefits. Improving brain function, preventing heart disease and cancer are some of its properties. Fat is the most important component of walnuts, accounting for 65% of it. It also contains a small amount of protein (15%) and a small amount of carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrates in it are stored as fibre. Also walnuts are a good source of some vitamins and folic acid.
Walnut with two shells, one soft and green, which gradually dries and disappears, and the other hard and woody, has different types. Walnuts are often used as a snack. They are eaten with cheese, honey, in stews, desserts, cakes and so on. This kernel is also used to make walnut oil, which is also very expensive.
Walnut kernel shopping guide
Comparing the price of walnuts, you should keep in mind that it is more difficult to identify the type of walnut that is sold as a walnut kernel than the one that is sold with the shell. Then join us to guide you to buy high quality walnuts.
When buying walnuts, to find out if you are buying healthy walnuts or leftover and spoiled walnuts, pay attention to the following points:
Smell of walnut is one of the parameters to distinguish a bad walnut from a healthy one. Smell the walnuts before buying. The smell of a healthy walnut is obvious to someone who has used it only once. Walnuts should not smell stale. The smell of walnuts should be in accordance with its natural one. If you smell artificial and unfamiliar odors from walnuts, it indicates that the walnuts are impregnated with preservatives.
Walnut fat is another point that indicates the quality of walnuts. A good walnut should give off a relatively large amount of fat when pressed. When buying walnuts, you can put a piece of a walnut between your fingers and press. If the oil in it greases your hands, it can be a good walnut.
Undoubtedly, the purchase and consumption of this valuable nut must be done with great care and from reputable brands. Citrono brand packages whole walnut kernels, halves walnut kernels and broken walnut kernels using modern methods of packaging.