Sweet almond kernel (raw)
Raw almond kernels are a good option for strengthening people of different ages. This delicious dried fruit is rich in vitamin E, calcium, manganese, fiber, iron, phosphorus, and healthy fats, which are necessary for the body and contribute to the health and longevity of people.

Due to its riboflavin and acylcarnitine content, this nutrient helps strengthen brain cells and has a great effect on increasing the intelligence of people in childhood.

Raw almond kernels: nutritious and healthy
This type of dried fruit, which is very popular among Iranians, is used in various ways. It is mostly used raw and in nuts, but in some cities of Iran, after removing its thin shell, it is consumed sliced ​​in some traditional foods such as almond stew or Shole Zard.

Almond milk is another product of this nutritious kernel that can be substituted for cow’s milk.

In the meantime, the freshness of the almond kernel and its preservation after being picked up until it reaches the customer is very important. Because the high-fat content of this type of nut increases the possibility of spoilage in the presence of air.

Therefore, it is better to keep almonds in good quality packaging as far as possible, away from light, moisture, and heat.

Some reputable and old companies such as Keinia Industrial Group, by packing agricultural products in modern and advanced ways, guarantee the quality of products until they reach the customer.

Citrono, one of the brands of Keinia, delivers raw almond kernels to its customers without damaging or spoiling them by providing high quality products and packing them in oxygen and moisture impermeable polymer bags. The use of oxygen scavengers instead of preservatives dramatically increases the health of the food in the packages.

The high weight of the company’s packages (5 kg and up) has made most buyers, nuts sellers, or restaurant owners use raw almond kernels in cooking or decorating food.