roasted almonds salted

Roasted almond kernel (unsalted)
Roasted unsalted almond kernels are one of the most popular nut kernels, and their unique properties are beneficial for all people of different ages. Almonds have a higher nutritional value than other nuts. For this reason, many doctors recommend the inclusion of this type of edible nut in the diet.

Almond consumption in old age prevents people from developing osteoporosis. But eating raw almonds is difficult for most older people due to their firmness, and these people prefer roasted products because they are crispy.

It is interesting to know that there is not much difference between raw and roasted almonds in terms of fat content and nutritional value. The only important thing is to keep the almonds and prevent the fat in them from oxidizing.

Roasted almond kernel (unsalted): crispy and delicious!
Many older people suffer from diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, and some other diseases, and as a result, their diet is restricted and fat consumption is banned for them.

But eating almonds, due to their unsaturated fats, not only does not increase blood pressure but also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

In the meantime, the only important thing is to properly store the roasted almonds and prevent their oil from oxidizing. Today, reputable brands such as Citrono use the latest technology in packaging to help keep these products fresh until they reach the customer.

Citrono packages its products using impermeable polymer bags weighing more than 5 kg. Important features of this method are preventing the infiltration of oxygen and moisture into food and using oxygen absorbers instead of preservatives.

In this way, Citrono Company, with the help of this type of packaging, delivers roasted almond kernels to the consumer in a completely fresh way without any harm.