Peeled roasted hazelnut kernel (unsalted)
Peeled Roasted hazelnut kernels are the best choice for complementing snacks and party nuts. Nuts are one of the main items of reception in many Iranian occasions and celebrations such as Yalda night and the Nowruz celebration.

People’s awareness of the unique properties of nuts, especially hazelnuts, has led most people to include this food in their diet. The presence of unsaturated fats has freed it from consumption in all age groups and even in the presence of underlying diseases. Meanwhile, roasted hazelnuts without salt are more popular than in other cases. Because roasting dried fruits, in addition to eliminating the raw taste, make them more crispy and easier to digest.

On the other hand, the antioxidants in hazelnuts, in addition to lowering bad blood cholesterol, delay the aging process in people and cause more health of the body organs.

Peeled roasted hazelnut kernel: the best choice for parties
Many people attach great importance to the beauty and design of food, even the nuts purchased for catering. Hazelnut kernels are less broken and have a uniform appearance. For this reason, its presence in nuts gives it a beautiful appearance.

But the same kernel not only loses its beautiful appearance if it is exposed to moisture or oxygen in the air for a long time after roasting but also its taste changes. Accordingly, unsalted peeled roasted hazelnut kernels need a dry, oxygen-free environment for storage.

Citrono brand uses hazelnuts and moisture-resistant polymer bags to pack and store hazelnuts in ideal conditions. Citrono also ensures the freshness and quality of food until it reaches the customer by placing oxygen-absorbing materials in packages, which often weigh up to 5 kilograms.

Most food manufacturers and sellers of nuts and sweets who are very sensitive to buying raw materials to produce their products, choose the company to provide the required nuts.

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