Citrono holds a health licence from Iranian ministry of health and medical education for all products. If you need other licences for products to sell to a specific destination, please contact us. Due to the factory infrastructure, it is possible to obtain more licences after the final inspection.

The best time to consume Citrono products, depending on the type of product, is from 1 to 2 years out of the cold storage, provided that it remains in the original packaging. The products are packed in impermeable bags to absorb moisture and oxygen . Utilising oxygen adsorbent, high durability of the product is guaranteed.
To ensure the safety of the packaging, multi-layered cartoons are used, which protect the product while facilitating transportation.

We sell our products in different quantities. Our standard breakdown starts from 1 carton. This is our MOQ and you can place your order without limitation in quantity Contact us for more information.

Our domestic shipping (Iran): After contacting the sales department, you can visit the sales office in Tehran at Khanat Caravanserai. It is also possible to send directly by freight or other vehicles all over Iran.
Our international shipping (worldwide): It's possible to ship in the form of FOB from one of the Iranian ports which takes 5 working days after finalising your order. Also you can choose EXW factory form which takes 2 working days after finalising your order.

Between 2 and 5 days based on shipping form (FOB or EXW factory) you choose.