بادام درختی سیترونو

Almond is a species of tree native to Iran and surrounding countries but is widely grown in other regions. Almonds have many different properties! It has long been one of the most popular nuts in the world and many people are interested in it. These nuts have been very popular in the diet of the ancient Egyptians and Indians. The properties of almonds are well known all over the world. Peeled almond kernels have many uses; So they can be used as a snack. Also, they are used to make butter, milk, almond flour, and in the production of many body lotions and perfumes.

Cholesterol-lowering is one of the properties of almonds. But there are other important benefits to this nut. The amount of saturated fatty acids in it is very low. This product is full of unsaturated fatty acids and has a lot of fiber. Contains unique phytosterol antioxidants. Almond kernels also contain plant-based proteins.

Almond shopping Guide

  • Almond kernels are available in both raw and toasted form. By US standards, raw almonds must be steamed and chemically treated to ensure that Salmonella bacteria are killed. Iranian raw almonds are completely organic and natural. If you are worried about bacteria, disinfect the almonds in the oven or steamer at 160 F for 15 minutes after purchase. This will at least make sure that the almonds are not exposed to chemicals.
  • If you buy bulk almond kernels, try the almond flavor. Make sure the almond kernels are brown in color. Do not buy nuts that are not crispy. Be sure to peel the almond kernels and make sure the inside texture is white and crisp. There are white streaks on the kernels of some almond cultivars. The whiter and more distinctive the streaks, the fresher the almonds.
  • Packaging for all types of nuts, including almonds, must be resistant to moisture and oxygen. Also pay attention to the production and expiration date of the product, standard mark, and health approval. Most almonds are packaged in a way that is easily visible. Make sure the almonds are not chopped or stained.

Undoubtedly, the purchase and consumption of this valuable nut must be done with great care and from reputable brands. Citrono brand packages raw (sweet) almond kernels, roasted almond kernels (unsalted), and Mamra almond kernels using modern methods of packaging.