Pumpkin seed (raw)
Raw pumpkin seeds have many health benefits. This seed contains large amounts of unsaturated and beneficial fats. In a way that daily consumption can meet the body’s need for minerals, protein, and omega-3.

In addition, it contains high amounts of magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, folate, and zinc, which are essential in the body and increase the level of immunity in people.

This type of seed is available in different sizes in the market, which is selected and purchased depending on the customer’s taste. Most stores offer this seed in both raw and roasted varieties.

Although roasting the seeds is effective in making them crispier and more pleasant in taste, raw pumpkin seeds without roasting are also very crunchy and delicious and have many fans.

Raw pumpkin seeds: useful, nutritious, healing!
Basically, pumpkin has many healing properties, and its seeds include everything from treating fatty liver to regulating cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, treating gastric reflux, etc.

In the meantime, one of the prominent benefits of pumpkin seed is the treatment of diseases related to the bladder and prostate, which has made it one of the most useful seeds.

The only important thing is the proper maintenance of this product and its protection against oxidation and spoilage. Placing raw pumpkin seeds in the open air oxidizes the oil in it and changes its taste.

Based on this, reputable brands such as Citrono have been able to keep such products fresh and healthy until they reach the customer by creating a dry and oxygen-free environment.

This brand puts its products in moisture-proof and oxygen-impermeable polymer bags, thereby preventing them from oxidizing and spoiling. It also helps improve the performance of bags by placing an oxygen absorber.

Most buyers of this brand are food factories and sellers of nuts. For this reason, packages are selected in weights of 5 kilograms and up.

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