مغز بادام مامایی

Mamra almond kernel
Mama almond kernel is one of the finest examples of almonds, which is used raw and salted in nuts. This type of almond has a very hard shell and is larger than the other types of almonds.
The unique properties of this type of almond, along with its high-fat content, have led to its widespread use in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
This type of almond is eaten in shell or in the form of raw or salted nuts. The appearance of this type of almond is the presence of many grooves on its surface.

Mamra almond kernels: from domestic consumption to export
The large size of this type of almond, along with its good taste, has significantly increased its popularity among consumers. For this reason, high-quality samples are suitable for export to other countries.

This type of almond can be stored in its shell for eight years. But its kernel can be stored in normal conditions for up to a year. If these nuts are exposed to moisture and oxygen in the air for a long time, they will oxidize due to high fat and their taste will change.

On the other hand, most consumers prefer to buy ready-made kernels over shelled samples. Therefore, proper maintenance and packaging of nuts in order to keep them healthy until they reach the consumer.

Citrono brand keeps Mamra almond kernels in packages of 5 kg or more in polymer bags that are resistant to the penetration of oxygen and moisture. Inside the bags, oxygen absorbers are used instead of preservatives, which has been more successful than traditional methods.

Most buyers of bulk mamra almonds are sellers of nuts and dried fruits or confectioneries, for whom fresh almonds are very important. Mamra fresh and large almonds not only give a pleasant taste to nuts and sweets but also play an important role in their decoration and beauty.