Pistachio kernel (raw)
Raw pistachio kernels are one of the most useful and main items among nuts. Basically, pistachio kernels are eaten raw and roasted in the market, which has its own fans.
Roasted pistachio kernels, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts are known as mixed nuts. But due to the greater properties of raw nuts, many people prefer raw nuts to roasted. Meanwhile, raw pistachios are not much different from roasted samples in terms of crispness and therefore have more fans.
This nut is suitable for regulating blood pressure and lowering cholesterol due to its unsaturated fatty acids and potassium. Because salt is often used to roast pistachios, nutritionists recommend raw samples for diabetics or hypertensive patients.

Pistachio kernel (raw): from harvest to consumption!
Pistachios, like many other agricultural products, are divided into different categories in terms of size, color of nuts, taste, and so on. In-shell pistachios are either “open-mouth” or “closed-mouth”. Open-mouth pistachios are naturally open and they are commonly known as the “smiling nuts” because the split resembles a big smile.

For this reason, businesses such as pastry and ice cream vendors, which consume large quantities of pistachios daily, prefer to prepare and purchase their needs in the form of ready-made pistachio kernels in order to save time and ease of work.

On the other hand, all buyers are very sensitive to the freshness and quality of the nuts consumed in desserts. Because the freshness of the consumed nuts has a great impact on the quality of food and desserts in the store, and as a result, attracts more customers.

Citrono brand packs raw pistachio kernels in packages of five kilograms or more. One of the prominent advantages of this brand is the use of polymer bags that are impermeable to oxygen and temperature, which keeps the nuts fresh inside the packages. By placing oxygen-absorbing materials, this brand delivers pistachio kernels to the consumer with excellent quality and without damage.