Red melon or Jabani seed (raw)
Raw red melon seeds or Jabani seeds belong to a type of non-edible watermelon that is cultivated in one of the villages around Damavand under the name of Jaban in Iran. This type of seed is mainly bought in formal occasions such as Nowruz and Yalda night, and is used to entertain guests.

Daily intake is recommended for people at risk for osteoporosis due to its calcium content. Also, due to the presence of significant amounts of minerals, folic acid, amino acids, magnesium, protein, etc., it is suitable for strengthening the immune system and improving the function of various organs of the body, including muscles, heart and nervous system.

Red melon or Jabani seed: tasty and crunchy
Many families choose this seed for parties because of its beautiful and elegant appearance. For this reason, when buying, they are very sensitive to its freshness and appearance.

Many sellers of nuts and dried fruits dramatically increase the quality of the product offered by buying raw seeds and roasting them at the time of sale.

Many customers have different tastes in using flavors. Therefore, most stores choose the type of seasoning according to the customer’s taste.

In the meantime, the important point is how to keep the seeds and keep them fresh, which has a great impact on the taste and easier consumption. Raw seeds have a longer shelf life than roasted samples. For this reason, the major sellers ensure the freshness and quality of the samples offered by selling the raw type and using quality packages.

Due to its long experience and the use of modern packaging methods, Keinia has been able to achieve significant success in the production and distribution of food, especially nuts.

Citrono brand offers raw red melon or Jabani seeds in packages of 5 kg or more, using moisture and oxygen impermeable polymer bags. The presence of oxygen absorber along with the high quality of the bags, keeps the products inside it and prevents rot of the seeds.

Most food companies and dried fruit sellers who are very sensitive to the quality and freshness of their products, choose this company to provide the required nuts.

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