Whole walnut kernel (raw)
whole walnut kernels are called raw walnuts that do not break when separated from the shell and come out in a healthy and complete way. Uses of this type of walnut are often raw in nuts or to decorate food and desserts.
Buyers of this type of nut are often pastry chefs and restaurateurs who use the whole walnut kernels to decorate food and desserts. Some luxury nut shops also add this item to their shopping list to complete the store.

Whole walnut kernel: healthy and nutritious
Most walnuts break when separated from the shell and split into two or more pieces. Therefore, preparing whole walnut kernels requires special tricks.
One of the important advantages of healthy walnut kernel, in addition to beauty, is its better durability than broken specimens. The thin shell of the walnut, which is located on the main kernel, prevents oxygen from reaching the central part of the walnut and protects it. This feature makes walnuts last longer and guarantees their quality in the long run.
For this reason, whole walnut kernels are more expensive than other samples on the market.
One of the most important challenges that nuts and dried fruit companies face is transporting products such as raw whole kernels without breakage.
Due to its long experience in food distribution, Keinia Industrial Group delivers various samples of dried fruits, including raw whole kernels, in special packages in a completely hygienic and healthy way. Citrono, one of the brands of Keinia, packages walnuts from 5 kg and up, which is why most customers are confectionery workshops and restaurant owners.
It should be noted that Citrono does not use any additives for food preservation.
The use of impermeable polymer bags along with the use of oxygen absorbers, guarantees the quality and durability of the brand’s products.

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