Winner and loser provinces of pistachio production in Iran, 2022

Winner and loser provinces of pistachio production 2022

In a survey of 700 gardeners and pistachio processing centers in pistachio-growing areas of Iran, the amount of pistachio production this year was estimated.
According to Citrono, quoting Farda Ekhozat, the Horticulture Committee of the Iranian Pistachio Association, based on the summary of statistics and information received from gardeners and active pistachio harvesting terminals in the country's pistachio-growing areas, estimated the production of this year in Iran at 106,000 tons of dry pistachios. These statistics were collected during the interview of the association's secretariat with more than 700 gardeners and pistachio processing centers in the pistachio growing areas of Iran.

According to the summary of this committee, the amount of dry pistachio production in 1401 shows a 30% decrease in the amount of the product compared to last year's production.

The received information indicates that this year the environmental tensions caused by climate change, including frost, flood and heatstroke, have resulted in the damage of a significant share of pistachios in Kerman, Yazd and Fars provinces; So that the product of these regions has decreased by 75 to 85 percent compared to the year 1400. This is while the gardeners of Central, Semnan, Qom and Tehran provinces have harvested an acceptable crop this year.

According to the report of gardeners from different regions of Khorasan-Razavi province, despite the hailstorm and limited frost phenomenon in some places, the yield of these regions has increased significantly due to the establishment of young gardens and the increase in the cultivated area. Based on the condition of the trees and the conditions at the beginning of the season, the initial estimates promised about 64 thousand tons of pistachio production in Khorasan province during the year 1401, but in the rest of the year, with the occurrence of extreme heat in the months of June and July, the water shortage intensified and the irrigation circuit of part of the crop increased. It was lost and caused the weight of the remaining product to lighten and increase. Unfortunately, in recent years, other pistachio growing areas of the country are facing a decrease in production due to frost, heatstroke, and hail damage.

According to the level of cultivation of different cultivars in the country, it is estimated that this year's crop will include 50% of Ahmad Aghaei variety, 25% of Fandagi variety, 15% of Akbari variety and 10% of Kalehgouchi variety.

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Area and Production amount (tons) Rafsanjan 4,500
Sirjan 2,000
Kerman 1,500
Zarand 1,000
Pomegranate 1,000
Shahrbabak 500
Rhine 500
Rover 500
Other 500
The total of Kerman province is 12,000
Khorasan Razavi 60,000
South Khorasan 7,000
Semnan 6,000
Tehran 5,000
Central 4,500
Qom 3,000
Yazd 3,000
Isfahan 1,500
Qazvin 1,000
Sistan and Baluchistan 1,000
Fars 1,000
Other 1,000
The total of other provinces is 94,000
The total of the country is 106,000