Pistachio kernels: from preparing ice cream and confectionery to suitable choices for vegetarians

Pistachio kernels: from preparing ice cream and confectionery to suitable choices for vegetarians

As you know, nuts and dried fruits have a high nutritional value and they have different uses. One of the most popular nuts is Pistachio kernel . The nut also contains nutrients such as protein, fat, amino acids, carbohydrates, and minerals such as copper, calcium, zinc, potassium, and sodium, so consuming it will bring many benefits to the body.

For example, its benefits people with anemia. Because this nut contains iron, it can cure anemia. Regular consumption of this nut is also effective in strengthening and improving the function of the brain and mind. In the following, we will fully examine this nut and all related topics.

Application of pistachio kernels

Since the pistachio kernel has many properties and characteristics, it is used in various fields. Now join us to get acquainted with the uses of this nut.

Pistachio kernels: from preparing ice cream and confectionery to suitable choices for vegetarians
Pistachio is one of the most widely used nuts in making ice cream.

Using pistachios to make ice cream

Undoubtedly, it is enjoyable for everyone to eat ice cream at any time, especially during the summer. Also, since different nuts are used in the preparation of ice creams, we recommend consuming them as an energetic and healthy substance. Now you should know that one of the most widely used nuts in the preparation of ice cream is pistachio, which is used at a rate of 10 to 15%.

Using pistachios for confectionery

Other uses for pistachio kernels include confectionery. Among the sweets that are prepared with this nut, we should mention items such as pistachio baklava, pistachio bread, pistachio Gaz, and pistachio Sohan (Persian sweets).

Using to prepare some foods

Pistachio is also used in the preparation or decoration of some foods. For example, pistachio beans, sausages, and Shole Zard (Persian dessert) are some of the foods that are used in the preparation of this kernel. Foods such as sweets are also decorated with this nut, which in addition to good taste, also gives a beautiful appearance to the food.

Using pistachio kernels to prepare Qavut

Qavut is one of the foods that its consumption has many benefits for the body because its ingredients are all useful and energetic. It is made of roasted peas pulverized and mixed with sugar and flavored with cardamoms Pistachio kernel is also one of the ingredients in Qavoot that helps increase its energy and nutritional value. So you can use it as a tasty and useful snack.

A good choice for vegetarians

Because vegetarians are deprived of many foods, they should eat foods that are a rich source of minerals and nutrients. Now that pistachio kernels are a rich source, it is recommended that vegetarians include them in their diet.


As mentioned, pistachio kernels are one of the most useful and popular nuts and dried fruits that are used in various fields. Now you can use this high-quality nut in various forms to enjoy its benefits.

The purchase and consumption of this valuable nut must be done with great care and from reputable brands.Citrono brand offers pistachios in various types of raw pistachios (unshelled), raw pistachio kernels, and unsalted roasted pistachio kernels using modern methods and presents them to the consumer market. To buy this product visit «Our Products: Pistachio “.

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