A 60% drop in pistachio exports / Is America dominating the global pistachio market?

A 60% drop in Iran pistachio export / Is America dominating the global pistachio market?

According to the statistics of Iranian customs, nearly 33 thousand tons of pistachios have been exported in seven months of this year, the value of which is 172 million and 808 thousand tons. These pistachios have been exported to 75 countries in recent years. According to the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture last year, this figure was 80 thousand tons worth 533 million dollars.

The amount of exports at the end of last year was 135 thousand 322 tons worth 914 million 427 thousand 826 dollars according to the customs declaration. Mohammad Salehi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran Pistachio Association, told Eco-Iran about this: We have been facing cold weather for about two years in a row, but besides the cold weather, the exporters have a problem in meeting the foreign exchange obligations. In fact, since last year, the government has obliged pistachio exporters to sell the pistachios they buy with free currency in Nima; Exporters are not willing to export anymore, because this will hurt them badly.

Salehi also said about the world price of pistachios: We do not have a problem with pricing in the world market; Because we have no competitors other than America. America has one variety of pistachio and its price is 8,400 to 8,500 dollars per ton, while Iran has several varieties of pistachio; Therefore, we offer small pistachio cultivars under 8,000 dollars and large pistachio cultivars for 9,000 dollars.

According to economic activists, this field is one of the most important and challenging issues of production. In this regard, Salehi said: In 2019, the amount of pistachio production was 220,000 tons; This figure dropped by 70,000 tons last year. Last year we produced 150 thousand tons of pistachios. This year, this figure is expected to reach 135,000 tons. This trend was also caused by severe frost in recent years. Apart from the fact that the farmers did not have enough money to improve their gardens.

He added: While America produces more than 600,000 tons of pistachios, and if this trend continues, America will completely steal the pistachio market from us.

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